Yoga in Downtown LA – Breathe, Tone Up, and Tune Out The Noise at Yoga Circle Downtown

Downtown Los Angeles’ Premiere Yoga Studio

Imagine, you walk around the stunning Old Bank District of Downtown Los Angeles, marveling the amazing architecture, spot the San Fernando building, check out the chilly and enticing entrance hall, stumble upon a “Best in Downtown LA” yoga studio and wonder, what could it be like to do yoga in a place like that,  right in the hustle and bustle of Downtown LA? 

That is how I discovered the

Yoga Circle Downtown L.A.

I participated in several classes and I learned why this Yoga studio is the best in Downtown. You can read about my experiences in the studio and in the classes in my blog post.

Why this studio is awesome:

  • Downtown Yoga Circle is a very welcoming and friendly place, they offer the class packages *ask for their very kind MADEINMARAIS special discount*. They also have drop-in classes,  that’s why it is easy to take a class here, even if you are just visiting the city.
  • This yoga studio is spacious and airy. It is so analog that you would hardly find any computer Yoga Downtown LA Best Yoga Downtown Yoga Circle Downtown technology here. 
  • Knekoh Frugé, the yoga teacher, yoga therapist and the director of the Downtown Yoga Circle is loving, radiant, and inspiring.
  • She spreads her love of Asana and spiritual practice here together with other amazing yoga instructors offering about 56 classes a week.

All of the Yoga Circle teachers are hand-picked by Knekoh, they are grounded in a dedication to the spirit of Yoga in its purest form and bring a fresh perspective and new poses every day. You can tone up your bod or practice special breathing and meditation techniques.

  • The first time Knekoh saw the interior space in the San Fernando, she immediately felt connected. Since then, this space is the permanent home for the Yoga Circle Downtown.

DTLA Community:

  • Many people from the neighborhood attend the classes. It is a great place to meet them, to exchange the local news, to experience the sense of the local community.
  • Here’s what a Yelp reviewer shares:

“I didn’t believe that there was a sense of community in DTLA… A yoga class I took yesterday at Yoga Circle has changed my mind.”

  • Whether you are just visiting the town, or relocate to Los Angeles for a few weeks, months or years, the Yoga Circle can be one of the places that would give you the sense of belonging to a community and feeling home.


Consider the mosaic floor in the hall and beautiful cafes around. You may also just grab a chance to forget about Instagram, your phone, and other devices you would normally carry around.

To enjoy just a few steps away:

  • Blossom Restaurant
  • Tilt Coffee Bar
  • The Last Bookstore
  • The Machine Inspired Art
  • Yuko Kitchen

Check when you can get on the mat at Yoga Circle Downtown.

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