Marais Paris, Downtown Los Angeles, Daikanyama Tokyo

Unforgettable Neighbourhood Experiences
Digital Nomads, Design Worshipers, and Cool Hunters

3 neighbourhoods to stay, experience, and love I hand-picked tailored offers, independent bookstores, the coolest streetart and design things, lovely and relaxing places so you can quickly see if they are for YOU

Life is too short to waste it on meh experiences. Choose your neighbourhood to write a book, take a baking class, go on a Digital Detox, do something you always wanted. If you live a Rich Life, check out VIP treatment, luxury living, and tailored private tours. 💚
Made In… GIFTS
Marais Paris, Downtown L.A., and Daikanyama Tokyo are home to some unique local shops, art galleries, bookstores. They are worth visiting when you are in the area. Work In Progress: an online concept store for cherry-picked & eccentric items from local makers. 💛
Find what you LOVE
Check the hand-picked spots to co-work, have an amazing coffee, or re-connect with yourself. Enjoy your experience, get the best value for your time and money, even if you don’t speak the language. Marais in Paris, Downtown L.A., Daikanyama Tokyo are waiting for you. 💙

LIFESTYLE design Make memories with these unique neighbourhood experiences

Find What You Love Hand-picked Places to Stay, Design, Local and Ethical Brands, Healthy & Popular food options, Art and Culture in Marais Paris, Downtown LA, and Daikanyama Tokyo.

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