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High quality paper items

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Papier Tigre is a stationery boutique that is 100 percent “kawaii”! No wonder, it is one of the few Parisian paper makers very popular in Japan.

They make cute stationery, calendars, notebooks, home decoration and office supplies that make me think of the fantastic world of paintings of Sonia Delaunay and other Parisian avant-garde artists. The colors are beautifully bold and each pattern sets up good mood and tells a new story.

I like that their design office is right there in the shop. If you come to their original boutique in Marais, you can see the Papier Tigre Team working behind the glass wall. Many of their products are created right here in Marais.

Agathe, Maxime, and Julien, the founders of Papier Tigre say:

“We are very sensitive to colors, patterns, basic materials and new technologies – and we try to mix all of these into our great products.
Everything is made from our Paris based office and we handle the entire thing ourselves – from the idea to the sales. We also aim to pay a particular attention to creativity, materials, their origins, their quality.”

Gift ideas from Marais

Papier Tigre notebooks are great for travel notes, everyday planning, poetry, writing affirmations, or for sketching.

If you want to celebrate a birthday party in style, you might want to wrap your presents in Papier Tigre happy paper, get the birthday cards and table decoration, and use these perfectly round carton circles with numbers and letters to mark the age and create the words of love.

They have insanely cute home decoration, especially things for kids: A very friendly lamp, cool wallpaper, or a measuring rod.

Even if you don’t send letters, check out their insanely cute paper and of course, the stationary.

Things for FREE

I noticed Papier Tigre shop after they opened the first Papier Tigre boutique in Marais. It was hard to miss – they were displaying an adorable, big, black and white paper tiger head in the shop window. Now you can find the famous Paper Tiger Trophy and some other very cute printouts on their website to cut and fold for free.

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