Who is Knekoh Frugé from Yoga Circle Downtown?

Yoga Circle Downtown

Knekoh Frugé is a radiant, loving, and inspiring human of DTLA. She is the founder of Yoga Circle Downtown, voted “The best Yoga in Downtown Los Angeles 2017”. She is Yoga Instructor, Consultant, and Yoga Therapist.

Read about my experience at Knekoh’s Yoga class.

Check out these Yelp reviews about Knekoh:

“The owner and main teacher Knekoh Fruge is amazing.  Her classes are always challenging and yet remain accessible to newcomers.”

“I took my first yoga class with Knekoh several years ago and feel so fortunate because she is truly the gold standard in yoga instructors.”

Exclusive facts:

  • Knekoh moved to Downtown L.A. in 1994 from Silverlake. Five years later, in 1999, she taught her first yoga class in a loft of her artist friend at 1st and Vignes in the area then called the Industrial Zone, now known as the Arts District.
  • Knekoh knows most of the buildings in the Historical area of Downtown from inside because at various times she was giving Yoga classes in them!
  • Her classes at the old Farmers and Merchants Bank Build got immensely loved by the local artists and residents. When the groups became too big and the places less available, she tried a few beautiful spaces at 4th and Spring.
  • Knekoh has been witnessing how more and more buildings in the Downtown were lovingly renovated and got back to life after some years of decline. She also saw how the Old Bank buildings became popular with the L.A. film studios who loved shooting films and commercials there.
  • Twice in her time being in Downtown, when Knekoh was looking for a new place for her Yoga Studio, she was sending a wish to the Universe to be able to find a wonderful place for her Yoga classes and stay in the area. Twice her wish was granted almost immediately.

Knekoh Frugé, Yoga Teacher:

  • Knekoh started practicing yoga when she was a 19-year-old college student at Louisiana State University.
  • She converted to yoga many of her friends, colleagues, and co-students.
  • She loves that Yoga can be at once empowering, calming and inspirational.
  • Among her influences, Knekoh counts the stillness of Sivananda, the athleticism of Astanga and Pattabi Jois and the breath and energy of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini.

Knekoh Frugé, Yoga consultant:

  • Knekoh provided yoga consultations for the wellness show “The Doctors”. 
  • She worked with the City of Hope Cancer Centers, Kaiser Permanente, Humana Health Care, and Equinox Fitness Centers among others throughout Southern California.

Knekoh Frugé, Yoga Therapist:

  • Knekoh’s mission as a certified Yoga Therapist, is to help people to find complete recover from injuries, illness, and back problems.
  • I met one of Knekoh’s students in the Yoga Studio class. She shared that when she came to the studio in 2003, her left arm was disabled because of an accident.

With Knekoh’s help, this student’s arm is fully functioning. It was mind-blowing to witness it and to realize that it could have been different.

  • Knekoh also provides support to the clients who suffer from injuries and serious illnesses such as Cancer or MS. She creates a daily Yoga and Meditation practice for them to help them find a complete recovery. Her Yoga Therapy strategies help them to greatly diminish the signs of the disease and to live almost as if the disease were not there.


Knekoh, what is special in Downtown Los Angeles for you?

“Its energy. It is never a dull moment in Downtown. I love its eclecticism and a spark of originality. There is always something going on.”

Knekoh recommends:

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Where to find:

400 South Main Street (Lobby)

Los Angeles, CA 90013


Phone: (+1) 213 620 1040

Email: admin@yogacircledowntown.com

Website: yogacircledowntown.com

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